Rough 1.5

Your perfect paper for premium hardcover text-heavy book applications.

For professional printing


PERGRAPHICA® Ivory Rough 1.5

With its exceptional bulk and opacity, PERGRAPHICA® Ivory Rough 1.5 is the perfect paper for text-heavy premium book applications.

The paper’s ivory shade with its warm, natural feel makes for comfortable reading, and its rough surface texture projects a pure look. Available in one shade, one bulk (1.5) and three grammages (70, 80, 90 g/m²) in folio and reels with FSC™ certification.



  • Multifunctional book paper for all printing technologies with the best value for money
  • Hybrid printing: suitable for offset and digital printing, enables customers to manage the book printing life cycle maintaining consistent haptics, shade and quality independently from the printing technology chosen.
  • Excellent printability: enables offset printing at full machine speed
  • Very low two-sidedness: even print result on both sides due to consistent paper specifications
  • High bulk of 1.5: yield advantage, look and feel of a higher substance with lower weight
  • Low CTMP content (<20%): increased stiffness and top performance in finishing and book binding


70, 80, 90 g/m2


Folio bulked packed:
72 x 102 cm (LG/SG)
46 x 64 cm (LG/SG)
additional formats upon request

eye-to-sky, core 76 mm, diameter 1000 mm, various widths


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  • Text-heavy premium hardcover books
  • Cook books with less pictorial content
  • Travel guides with an emphasis on text