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Tue, 3. October
High White, Rough
poster, graphic design, Russia

The Russian website Afisha asked artists to express their memories of 2016 on paper

Looking back at the year 2016

What will people remember when they think about 2016? Will the victory of the underdog Leicester City in the English Premier League be a historical success? Will people still remember that the Falcon 9 rocket landed on a platform called “Of Course I Still Love You”? Will people listen to Prince and David Bowie and miss them like we do today? Afisha asked numerous international artists this question and invited them to record their favourite memories of 2016 using images.


Posters of international artists

Illustrators and designers from England, France, Switzerland, the USA and Colombia provided contributions, which were turned into 9 posters of which 200 each were printed. The finalists included Edward Kinsella (Death of David Bowie), Matthew Palladino (Destruction of Palmyra), Joseph Melushy (XXXI Olympic Summer Games Brazil), Mateo Pizarro (Death of Oleg Karavaychuck), studio Berger + Stadel + Walsh (Landing of Falcon 9 SpaceX booster), Gian Galang (Victory of Leicester City in the English Premier League), Celine Brazier (Afisha Picnic), Johathan Monahan (Pokémon Go) and Jules Julien (Death of Prince).

The perfect paper for every style

Afisha Art Director, Maxim Nikanorov, was responsible for choosing the poster motifs and paper.He eventually chose PERGRAPHICA®; the reason for this was the perfect quality, the pleasant feel and the versatility of this paper, which could display the different styles and techniques of the illustrators and designers in the best possible way. Some of the work was produced using offset printing, others using silk-screen printing, for example, the work of the design studio Berger + Stadel + Walsh, which was created using four mixed colours and four printing matrices. As a result, each of the 200 posters is absolutely unique.


Project specs
Afisha art project “Picture of the Year”, posters by several international artists
Design: Afisha Media & Service, Russia
Printer: Three different printing houses, Russia
Editor: Afisha Media & Service, Russia
Published in: 2016
Print run: 1,800 (9 posters, 200 copies each)
Print technologies: Offset printing, 2-layer silkscreen printing, digital printing
Paper: PERGRAPHICA® High White Rough
Grammage: 240 g/m²

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